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(Or, how to be a smart writer or author)

I. Advances of technology

The one key area that writers and authors of today score over their predecessors of yore is the tremendous ease with which a manuscript can be brought out — from the writer's mind and brain, to the market — today. Our seniors used to write on paper after paper, and scores of crumpled-up paper-balls used to litter around their desk. Typewriters eased things a bit, but only a bit. It is when technology took that big leap for mankind that desktop computers and desktop publishing came into being, and while writing this very piece, I cannot but marvel at the ease with which I can erase, copy/ paste, add, subtract, modify, auto-correct my errors — all without thinking. So long as ideas swirl in the mind, and so long as the urge to put down one's thoughts in print is in full force, a writer need not go through the bother of writing them, and then typing them out, finally getting it published. It's all done in a jiffy now, thank you.

For every industry and profession, software have come up that take things to the next dimension. For a textile industry, computers automatically manage and monitor the spinning bobs and create fabric through special software; a doctor rapidly flips through his patient's medical history and accounts on a software especially designed for them; poker players now get to play with the best pros of the game on the internet, thanks to the best brains going into creating poker software — so on and so forth. Chrysanth NETime Author is similar writers' software in such next dimension applications, and is a boon for us writers and authors.

II. What Chrysanth NETime Author can do?

Chrysanth NETime Author is a truly specialist writer's software devoted exclusively for writers and authors. This software caters to all the flavors that writing industry has — columnists, journalists, fiction/ non-fiction wordsmiths, adult/ children storytellers, T.V. serial writers, movie script writers… you name them, they all find the writers' software useful.

Involving writers and authors right from the stage when the writer's software was on the design board has ensured that the team of crack designers and developers knew from the very beginning what was expected of them. Every single whim and fancy of any person with skills to write has been taken care of.

You may have written, or wanting to write a series of books or articles or manuscripts. Each of your works can be put into a separate "database". The entire writer's software is password-protected, which means that you can spring your great piece on the unsuspecting world at just the right time when you know you are ready, and without anybody else getting to know about it!

The software for writer has all its features lined up in a control panel. Scheduling your various tasks becomes easy — perhaps you have an appointment with your promotion agent? Or, perhaps you want to interview a series of people over the next two months? You can note them in Chrysanth NETime Author, and not worry about forgetting them altogether.

Putting down your random thoughts and ideas in the "Notes" Section — as they come — for easy retrieval later is facilitated very conveniently. If your book has multiple chapters or sections, you can arrange them in different files and work upon them simultaneously without losing sight of the whole. In fact, the outline of your work can be brought in front of your eyes every time you want it, thanks to the writer's software's easy administration.

If your work involves recording audio and/ or video, or taking photographs or snapshots, all that you have to do is move the requisite files into neatly arranged folders under "Media Library" or "My Pictures" in Chrysanth NETime Author — all arranged logically in chronological order, or in chapter/ section by chapter/ section order.

These days, it is considered de facto a standard to submit your book as a PDF E-book. No need to fret. Chrysanth NETime Author has this facility built in! Didn't I tell you the writers' software is a genius and a super-efficient assistant, if ever there was one!

III. The final word

The most frustrating moment for us writers and authors is: having to handle all the administrative matters pertaining to our own work. We often spend a lot of precious time locating our files on the hard-disk, howsoever efficient we might be. In the form of Chrysanth NETime Author, we get a virtual assistant to do our bidding, and at our convenience.

How pampered can one get?