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(Or, how being the best, helps)

I. Writing — a fulltime income-generating profession?

"Can I make a living by writing?" The answer to this question will depend on who you are asking it to. Ask it to any run-of-the-mill writer or author, and you will get a shrug of the shoulder, a roll of the eyes, and a stock answer — "well, yeah, yes and no." Ask this same question to people of the likes of J.K. Rowling and Stephen Covey, and you get a different answer altogether!

Each year, more than 50,000 books are published in the U.S. market alone. Not all of them are read, as you must have guessed. A million other manuscripts must have been blocked at the publisher/ editor's table before these 50,000 could come out. Almost 90% of the failures as well as the average performers would give up writing as an income-generating profession after experiencing this struggle.

This question is best asked by you to yourself; it is an introspection that you need to carry out, if you are seriously considering writing as a full-time profession, to the exclusion of everything else.

II. Tips to improve income-generation prospects as writer/ author

One sure-shot way of getting noticed as a proficient writer or author is to set up a blog or a website of one's own on the Internet, and put sample pieces or entire articles written by you, on its pages. Tantalizing little paragraphs, that give the reader glimpses of what you have to say, and motivates them "to know what follows next". Of course, you will have to pay those ubiquitous search engines and populate your material with so-called SEO (or Search Engine Optimized) content in order for the surfing public to reach your site.

The key here is — to get noticed, to become known to the world. When applying to publishing houses, it is now routine practice to provide the URL of your site.

Once you have picked up the genre that suits your particular style — journalistic/ reporting, commercial/ technical, advertisement-copy/ literature, manual preparation/ training brochures — a stack of samples may be uploaded on the site for the world to sample and savor.

Attending Writers' meets that are organized by the publishing industry gives you a nice platform to introduce yourself to the entire community as a whole. Besides networking opportunities, you get to meet people such as literary agents, book promoters and others who might be crucial in your success as a writer or author.

One tip that I can part with here is something that I had adopted myself — and I am sure, others must have followed it too: be willing to, and begin writing for very little income, in the initial stages. If your writing has the requisite caliber, the world will come knocking at your door! It is plain economics, at the end of the day: there should be demand for the commodity that you are supplying, and it is quality that matters.

III. Making Chrysanth NETime Author work for you

The best way that the writer's software Chrysanth NETime Author helps you is to get that article or piece of story created in HTML web pages for you to upload on to your blog or website in almost no time. Since the software is developed with web technology in the background, navigating between Chrysanth NETime Author and your web pages is a breeze.

Usually, it so happens that you get an assignment that has to be submitted not next week or even tomorrow; they want it yesterday! The best way to ensure that you are double-quick on your job and make that impression with the hard-to-please editor, time after consistent time, is to deploy all the features of this publishing software to the hilt.

The control panel has all the options that any writer requires for going about their job. From task-scheduling, to article-collation, to noting random thoughts, to preparing an outline, to collecting and logically arranging material including audio, video, pictures, etc. — everything is possible with the help of this particular writer's software.

So, whether you are rushing to beat a deadline, or you are leisurely mulling over the perfect word that describes your heroine's mood — Chrysanth NETime Author is there to assist you!