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(Or, how to create bestsellers)

I. Let the juices flow!

J.K. Rowling's biggest asset is that she is a great storyteller. Her books are un-put-downable by all generations of readers. No wonder movie producers spotted commercial opportunity in her works.

That is the key to all success in writing. You must be great at conveying your thoughts and ideas in a gripping, interesting way. Once the reader starts reading, their eyes shouldn't leave the printed lines till the last word and the final full-stop has been read and digested.

There are a few tricks that creative writers deploy to add that magic — that oomph, if you will — in their work, which literally hooks the readers. Let us see a few of them here.

If you are into non-fiction, then there are two things that you have to focus on throughout the flow: one — facts or postulates, if any, that your work is propounding, and two — your presentation style. If you are putting forth a radically new thought before the world to consider, then doing so in a style that brings out the main point clearly without being dull and boring, should be your main goal. Further, your facts and theories should be presented in such a manner that correctness and accuracy is maintained — without the reader having to yawn through your paragraphs.

Fiction writers require their right-brain creative juices to be in full flow. This is something that cannot work like a switch-on/ switch-off mechanism, to be brought into play only when one has sat down to write. On the contrary, every waking moment requires the fiction writer to look at real-life situations from an angle that is different from the humdrum. A keenness of perception then starts getting cultivated in the mind. And, what gets penned — or keyed — on paper; is your highest creative effort.

Whether it is fact or fiction, writers and authors can make use of twists and turns of the words and phrases of the language to appeal to the reader's emotions and intellect. Humor and meaningful analogies lighten up the ambience around your text. Going overboard in exaggerating your point - such as "Set their minds on fire!" — induces excitement and interest in the reader's mind. Depending on whether the theme of your work is fun or somber, peppering it with witty anecdotes and tongue-in-cheek remarks brings out that unrestrained and unconscious chuckle — a hallmark of a good read. Similes, metaphors, alliterations, all are tools that can be deftly made use of to generate a great work of literature that would motivate people to line up outside bookstores since midnight to buy your book!

II. Making Chrysanth NETime Author work for you

While you are busy with your creative writing, you feel the need of an assistant to keep your thoughts and ideas in a logically collated fashion. This is where the creative writing software Chrysanth NETime Author steps in. While you are busy thinking about your plots, characters and settings, this writer's software ensures that they are neatly put down in the appropriate folders and files; so that when the time comes to arrange them holistically, everything is where it should be.

Perhaps your work requires you to draw a map or a drawing. It is not going to be added into the final manuscript — but drawing it and looking at it helps you in progressing on the writing. No problem, you can create this map or drawing using any software that you are comfortable with, and simply place it in the graphics folder in Chrysanth NETime Author.

In fact, like a silent, but efficient assistant hovering in the background, Chrysanth NETime Author takes care of all your administrative needs pertaining to your writing or book authoring.

Once you get used to this assistant, rest assured, ninety-nine percent of your ninety-nine-percent-perspiration (the balance 1% being creativity) is taken care of!